While we value every user, our subcribed members are given extra consideration.

Subscribers have special privileges and special services. We listen with great care to our subscribed players' suggestions & concerns.

for less then ¢7 per day!

Why should I join as a subscriber?

No ads

All kind of advertising is disabled for our subscribed members, so you can play without any disturbance.

Full screen mode

You can play in full screen mode.


Special weekly tournaments for our subscribed members with prizes

Enter full rooms

Enter rooms which are already "full". There are also preserved spectator places for subscribers.

Easy game access

Change between rooms easily.

Chat extra

Longer chat messages, prominent chat colors, send clickable URL's in chat, use copy/paste to send messages easily.

Special game settings

Our subscribed members can select how many ends they want to play in a single match, and can select "skins" format for the match.

Toplist and detailed statistics

Our subscribed members can challenge for being on the toplist, compete for prizes and have more detailed statistics.

Player Avatar

Subscribers can upload a photo as their avatar, and they are given a special star next to their names.

Special tools

Ability to add other users permanently as "buddies" or "muted" (unwanted users).

Status Icons

You can set your status as "do not disturb" to prevent any disturbances.

Valid for other games

You can enjoy the benefits on all FlyOrDie Games (benefits may differ for other games).